Monday, May 24, 2010

How to Breed Parakeets

Raising Parakeet Birds and Budgerigars

I am aware that many individuals have the desire to breed parakeet birds and budgerigars. They think it is easy to raise parakeet birds and wanted to make money out of these little flying creatures. If you are one of those people who want to know more about breeding parakeets, you must learn first the basic then the advance steps in breeding parakeets. Going into a different world without understanding first all the information regarding the subject matter would highly put your time into waste. There are many people especially hobbyist who want to breed parakeets but are confused and don’t have enough idea on how it is done. They want to have hundreds of these birds but don’t know how to breed parakeets successfully and do not have the guts even just to start the process. And this is where the problem starts. If you are still confused on how to effectively mate your birds to have hundreds or even thousands of these birds on your backyard then this article is for you. You just need to read this whole article about breeding parakeets and after that you are ready to go. I want to provide step by step procedures on how to properly and effectively breed budgerigars. I hope I can be successful in doing so.

As I have said in my recent article, Things to Do before Breeding Parakeets, I have mentioned a lot of techniques that you can do before the breeding process. Actually, there are lots of ways and steps that are required to be accomplished prior to breeding as this is the starting point of your journey as a hobbyist. There are also many ways on how you can make a profit out of these little creatures and make a decent living in the future.

If you are planning to breed parakeets, then you need to be patient and you need a lot of hard work in order to have a successful mating activity. You have to do all the things that are required even at the starting point of breeding procedures. You can accomplish such task by making your self available and ready.

Mating Your Bird Parakeet (Step by step Methods)

Step 1 – You can start your plans by means of buying a real pair of parakeet. That means you need to purchase a pair which include a male and a female bird in order to breed. That is obvious and that is a clear fact. You also need to get them into a legitimate and known pet store or bird supplier to be sure you are getting the right pair of parakeets. Ask them some tips on breeding and the store owner or clerk will surely be willing to teach you understand the process. They will also provide you some good vitamins and supplements for your pair of birds to be sure they are in good shape and condition.

Step 2 - This will include knowing what type of parakeet birds you want to breed. Blue colored birds which mate a pink one will produce a blue bright colored chicks. You just have to know how to differentiate the male from female parakeet. You can practice this skill by looking at the edges of the eyes and the color of the circle within the eyes. Male have white-like circle on their eyes while females have grayish looking circles around their eyes.

Step 3 – You also need to know when your breeding parakeets are ready to be bred. A lot of hobbyists are frustrated as they don’t know when the exact time is. Ask the owner or the supplier where you buy the breeding pair as they know how many days after hatching these birds are ready for breeding.

Step 4 – Pick a good breeding parakeet cage. Look for breeding cages as soon as you obtain your pair of breeding parakeets. They need an average cage in order to breed successfully. They also need comfortable and clean environment so maintain your cage neat at all times.

Step 5 – Choose a nest box that is appropriate for your breeding pair. A wooden nest box with a cavity inside it will surely fit for you pair. Install it inside your cage and allow the birds sometime to be familiarized with the nest box. At first they will ignore it, especially the female but as time goes by, she will get used to it.

Step 6 – Put your pair of breeding parakeet on the cage and put a small food container together with water supply. Add some ceramic food dishes as these will provide them the necessary nutrition and supplements in order to have a good health.

Breeding Your Parakeets

Step 7 - Look at your breeding parakeets strictly to find out what time you should arrange the coop up for breeding. You will recognize it when your budgerigars have couple bonded and when you observe one (the male most of the time) and the other do a special ritual steps that has control escalating the other bird.

Step 8 - Supply your breeding parakeets a unique prepared food, vitamins and liquid supplements to organize them for mating. Select a combine food of pellets or seeds prior to breeding and of course when the female lays her eggs. Add soft diets and amixture of coal, crashed egg shells and sand in order the egg to be strong and healthy. You can buy this mix on any pet store or supplier.

When you see the signs of mating which can include kissing (that’s why many people call them love birds), then they are ready to breed. Give them some soft nesting materials in the nest box to supply them what they need in laying eggs.