Sunday, October 4, 2009

About Breeding Parakeets Blog

My journey of about five years in the field of breeding parakeets made me realized that this is the right time to make an effort of teaching people who are having hard times seeking for information about breeding parakeets. I believe that this is the proper timing when it comes to educating others about bird parakeets as their pets. I am sad how people and some hobbyists ignore the facts that parakeets need more attention and important care while in the stage of breeding. Some individuals ignore necessary requirements and required procedures in parakeet breeding and pay no attention in so many details of the subject. Reproduction of parakeet birds can be quite simple if you know the proper approach. But if you disregard needed methods in terms of breeding, you can not get the results you wanted.

Breeding parakeets can be pretty easy if you understand the basics. Understanding initial preparation and primary care can be extremely helpful and can benefit you and your pet birds not only in terms of keeping parakeets but also in other kinds of birds like parrots, myna, owls and pigeons. These essential methods of feeding, keeping, maintaining cages and advance bird care such as training and keeping them in good, quality living, can extremely useful later on. One major aspect in breeding parakeets or in breeding any kinds of bird, you should have the passion in birds. The passion for your interest will let you continue your hobby and can make you constantly holding its entirety. There are many bird keeping steps that you can get through the internet. Even though you are still a beginner in the subject of breeding parakeets, there are lots of procedures, methods, tips and techniques that you can learn by searching the web and studying its importance and efficacy.

There are also many aspects regarding breeding parakeets which are important in the said field. There are lots of important things to remember while you are in the hobby to be able to develop your parakeet keeping in a more productive way. Considering that you are a beginner and just starting your way on the road, you should understand all the factors concerning breeding parakeet’s procedures. There are also many things related in breeding to properly monetize them and make a decent living out of your pastime. In breeding, you are hitting two birds in one stone. You can get quality time by keeping them as your pets and making money at the same time. Earning money is possible by means of selling parakeets to like-minded individuals who shares same interests as you or people who just love keeping pets like parakeet birds.

Just what I have mentioned in the top paragraph, I am celebrating my fifth year in the field of breeding parakeets and as a parakeet breeder, I want to share all my knowledge which I have learned in my way in. Hobbyists who want to really enjoy their pet parakeets should learn new techniques in terms of proper caring. They must learn best methods of bird keeping being able to ensure quality breeds. People who love parakeets must understand all things as related in this specialization because it will not only benefit their pet birds but can guarantee to make money out of them.

Some people do not agree of monetizing such birds because of some ethical blah blah, but in my own opinion, we are only sharing our interests to others so that they can get the pleasure and benefits as well. There’s no harm in sharing what’s good for the heart and soul. And pocket. LOL. But seriously, recent studies show that breeding parakeets or bird keeping in any kind can enhance the moral boost of an individual and can put the state of mind into happiness and joys. It can develop some good things in life such as prevention of negative thought like depressions and stress. If you are having difficult times, you can achieve happiness just by watching them. Imagine how much joy you can get if you are getting money out of them?

I decided to make a breeding parakeet blog to share traditional and untraditional methods related to mating and sexing or a pair of parakeet bird. This blog’s intention is to teach other people who are thinking of keeping parakeets as pets and teach them easy ways on how to breed parakeets. A lot of sites have been talking about the right way to breed parakeets but doesn’t realize that there are more articles to write and there are lots of topics to be discussed in terms of feeding, keeping, caring and maintaining them into a secured, clean and smooth environment not just breeding issues. Just like human beings, they should be treated in a good way. We must develop our relationship to them as soft as our treatments for other human beings.

I would like to emphasize that the list of methods and techniques in regard to parakeet breeding have been long enough for to be able to succeed in our goals. It may be easy obtaining skills in terms of breeding birds like parakeets but we must understand that without passion to the hobby of parakeet keeping we can not totally continue to get our goals. Remember that in every aspect of breeding parakeets we should have huge amount of interest on what we are doing.

Every parakeet has its own life that must be properly treated. WE will discuss here some good tips in breeding parakeets and right techniques in sexing parakeets. We will also talk about proper training, right feeding procedures and correct treatments on some diseases to avoid casualties. If possible we will also discuss preventive measures on some health related issues to prevent sickness among them. I will also share tips on how you can monetize them by selling to pet shops or aviary store. You can also expect products reviews such as bird seeds, bird toys, parakeet cages and other stuff that can help you on your journey of breeding parakeets. I will also provide links on other related sites about other birds as pets such as parrots and African lovebirds.

In my next post, I will try my best to describe details about all these matters. For the meantime, enjoy your parakeets and be sure to keep them away from intruders such as rats and cats. Breeding parakeets is as easy as a walk in the park but you should always remember that without passion to the hobby you can not get the best outcome in breeding parakeets and you can’t have the most out of it.

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